Work Packages

Work Package 1

Targeted space missions and technical specifications

Identify the space missions and the customers’ needs for a space IMU. Then, define the technical specifications of the IMU and of the sensors to answer these needs in the frame of EURISA.

D1.1 IMU specification requirements Airbus Confidential
D1.13 Sub-functions requirements ETHZ Confidential
D1.15 Manufacturing flow diagram Exail Confidential
D1.16 IMU and subfunctions test plans Exail Confidential
Work Package 2

Space qualified accelerometers

Develop and validate an accelerometer compatible with space environment and well-suited to reach the IMU performances. We are using the quartz VBA (Vibrating Beam Accelerometer) technology to obtain high performances in a compact package together with space qualified COTS electronic.

D2.2 Accelerometer compact packaging validation Exail Confidential
D2.4 Accelerometers triad and electronic boards available for further integration ETHZ Confidential
Work Package 3

Space qualified fiber optic gyroscopes

Qualify a fiber optic gyroscope for the IMU based on the gyroscope develop in the frame of the H2020 European project Pioneers. It is a very compact design and it will use space qualified COTS electronic as the accelerometer.

D3.4 FOG and boards available for integration Exail Confidential
Work Package 4

IMU integration and performances qualification

Merge the accelerometers and gyroscopes triads that were developed in WP 2 and 3 to build EURISA IMU. Then, the IMU is tested in representative environments.

Develop algorithms to merge the data and to couple/hybridize all the data for improved navigation.

D4.2 Report on IMU performance testing and modelling in quiet environment Exail Confidential
Work Package 5

Project management

Ensure an effective coordination between the partners and with the European project officer; monitor and organise financial and administration tasks and promote gender equality.

D5.1 Initial Data, Quality, Risk Management Plan Exail Confidential
Work Package 6

Dissemination, communication and exploitation

Define and implement effective strategies for communication, dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project

D6.1 Project identity set Exail Public
D6.2 Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results Exail Confidential
D6.3 Exploitation and business plan Airbus Public